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About Us

It started on 1998 as a family business with the big desire to create a distinct place that would give pleasure to all local clients but most of all to the tourists that visit Shkodra, this wonderful city.
The interesting fact is that the name of the hotel was given by the citizens who used to refer to the building as the one with Red Bricks. It was in that moment that the owners decided to use this spontaneously given name in respect to the wonderful citizens of this beautiful city full of culture and history.

The owner, Mr. Arben Ademi, spent very long hours working himself in each detail which you can enjoy today. He created himself all the architecture based on similar buildings he had visited during his journeys in Europe. As you can notice, the base element of the building is the Red Brick, which he used in a very refined way to create such elegant rounded forms.

In RED BRICKS HOTEL you will find together, class, elegance and modern elements, that will make your accommodation very comfortable.

Our Advantages

  • 1 Close to City Center

    RED BRICKS HOTEL is situated close to the center of the city. From there, you can go anywhere just in few minutes.

  • 2 Free HS Internet

    At our hotel you will find 24 hour free High Speed Wifi. Also you can use the cable option.

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